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    Tips for Decorating Your Winter Wedding

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Though winter may be the coldest season, many couples give it some extra warmth by planning a December, January, or February wedding. Winter offers plenty of inspiration for creating a festive wedding atmosphere

    In this video, a wedding decorator discusses a few tips for decorating a winter wedding. Popular winter colors include white, pale blue, silver, gold, and a rich red. To immerse your wedding in the spirit of the season, you might decorate your venue with wreaths or snowflakes. It’s important to make sure your decorations reflect your personality.

    To keep your guests satisfied and well fed during your winter wedding reception, call Stern’s Catering Company at (214) 360-0001. We’ve been exceeding the expectations of our Dallas catering clients for over 20 years.  

    Holiday Party Planning: Creating a Menu

    Last updated 9 months ago

    The holidays are a time to get together with your friends and family and let loose. If you’re planning on throwing a holiday party, you should carefully consider the venue, decorations, and food. If you’d rather not spend hours in the kitchen the day of your party, you’ll find that hiring a caterer can be a huge load off your shoulders. Here are a few tips for deciding on a holiday party menu:

    Decide What Kind of Party You Want
    Your guest list and the nature of the party you’re throwing can be a great help when trying to plan a menu. If you’re throwing a party in the middle of the day, for example, you should offer plenty of non-alcoholic options. If your soiree will be more of an evening cocktail party, be sure to focus on hors d’oeuvres and finger foods.

    Consider Dietary Restrictions
    Whether you’re throwing an office party or a family party, you’ll likely have a few guests with dietary restrictions. To make sure everyone’s satisfied, you might have a beef dish for the meat eaters and a delicious salad for the vegetarians and vegans. Even if you’re fairly certain that most of your guests don’t have significant dietary restrictions, it’s still nice to have a variety of dishes to choose from.

    Determine How to Serve the Meal
    Will your guests be standing up during your party, or will they have the opportunity to enjoy a sit-down meal? This is an important question to answer before you finalize your holiday party menu. Finger foods are simple and easy for standing guests to eat, while hearty entrees are best consumed sitting down. If you’re organizing a sit-down dinner, you should also consider whether you want a buffet or a more formal, multi-course meal.

    Whether you’re hosting a small family get-together or a huge office holiday party, the catering team at Stern’s Catering Company of Dallas can help make it a success. Tell us your vision for the event, and we’ll make food your family members or office mates will love. Call (214) 360-0001 or visit our website to get started.  

    Rehearsal Dinner: Seating Chart Planning

    Last updated 10 months ago

    There is a great deal of planning leading up to your wedding. It can be easy to get bogged down in the details of the big day, but don’t forget that your rehearsal dinner is an important part of your overall wedding experience.

    The rehearsal dinner is the time for the couple’s respective parents to meet if they haven’t already. It’s also the place for the wedding party attendants to get to know one another, as members of the wedding party often come from different parts of the couple’s lives. If your rehearsal dinner is formal, use name tags to indicate each assigned seat. Consider placing people who have things in common near each other, even if they have never met before. The most important thing is that all of your guests feel comfortable at your celebration!

    Stern’s Catering Company provides catering in the Dallas area for rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, and much more! Contact us at (214) 360-0001 to inquire about our menu and to schedule a tasting. We cater rehearsal dinners of all sizes with style and experience.

    Tips for Hosting a Fantastic Thanksgiving Celebration

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Can you believe that fall is nearly here? It’s true, which means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you this year. Instead, plan ahead for a Thanksgiving celebration that you and your guests will remember for years to come. Whether you’re planning a family dinner at home or hosting a corporate holiday event, trust a catering company to handle the cooking this year. Keep reading for tips for hosting a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration!

    Keep It Intimate
    Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, a time that can be stressful for everyone. This holiday can be a day to gather your friends and family from near and far, and your guest list can grow very quickly! Consider taking a break from hosting lots of guests, and instead invite only your closest friends and relatives. This way, you’ll be able to interact with all of your guests in a more meaningful way. A smaller guest list also makes it easier for you to choose a catering menu that will please every palate.

    Celebrate At Work
    The holidays are a time for expressing gratitude to people who are important to you, and this is just as true in the workplace as it is at home. Your employees will greatly appreciate the chance to relax and enjoy office catering as a break from their normal routine. Whether you choose to have lunch catered or you invite everyone to a small celebration at the end of the workday, a work party can improve the morale around your office.

    Take a Break
    There is a huge amount of preparation that goes into cooking a traditional Thanksgiving meal. It’s so much work that it’s easy to forget that you have the day off! No matter how small or large your Thanksgiving celebration is this year, hire a catering company to provide the holiday meal.

    Stern’s Catering Company has been exceeding the expectations of our catering clients in Dallas for over 20 years. Call us at (214) 360-0001 to find out how we can help you create a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration at your home or office.

    Get Ready for Your Rehearsal Dinner!

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Planning and preparation are essential when you are getting ready for your wedding. Watch this helpful video for advice on how to get ready for your rehearsal dinner before your big day.

    The rehearsal dinner traditionally takes place on the evening before the wedding ceremony and is held after the rehearsal for the wedding itself. Members of the bridal party and groomsmen should be invited to attend along with close family and potentially some out-of-town guests. Let your guests know they’re invited and be sure to inform them of the dress code and location in advance.

    Start your wedding weekend off right by hiring Stern’s Catering Company to provide the food for your rehearsal dinner. We have extensive menus for you to choose from that your guests are sure to love. Call us at (214) 360-0001 or visit our website to learn more about our catering services in Dallas.

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We Won the 2012 Industry Partner Dallas ASID Designer Choice Award!

Stern's Catering Company has won the 2012 industry partner Dallas ASID designer choice award for best food at a meeting. This was an additional category that the designers wrote in their favorites. Stern's Catering Company will be published in Lux magazine in the list of winners for their October issue.


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